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In the domain name market, as in the rule of important brands, the length of the brand has a lot of value if we think, for example, of names such as Nike, Puma, Adidas, BBC, RedBull or others, they are all short names, even the brands of important websites such as FaceBook, Instagram, What’s App, Booking just to say the most important. This research starts from December 29, 2020 and direct speculation has never been done in any form, I believe more in bartering than in speculation in this business, on December 29, 2020 in fact I managed to recover my Domain of my Brand www.UmbertoBruno.com that 7 years earlier I had lost for a non-renewal of about 20 Euros, an American company HugeDomains.com asked me about 7500 $ to get it back, it happens, even in the best families. A very important rule that many do not know is that when you have a domain name, that name is yours and no one else in the world can have it with that specific extension. UmbertoBruno.it could have been an alternative but besides being busy with all the commercials I had used UmbertoBruno.com so it was a big problem to which I had no alternative. Today the Domain Name Market is moving towards new extensions and I will show you the prices based on my studies.

The first domains I want to talk about are of a well-known Italian brand 1.25 billion turnover Dolce&Gabbana , but there is a rule that I must explain before listing the domains, which I must compare with the English distribution brand Marks & Spencer turnover £12 billion.

Why am I telling you about these two domain names first?

Because the first in choosing the Domain Name removes the & which are not used in domain names, the second instead puts the writing And . So we have as Mother Domains .


We can see how Dolce & Gabbana owns national extensions such as

www.DolceGabbana.it www.DolceGabbana.es www.DolceGabbana.fr www.DolceGabbana.de

We can see how instead Marks & Spencer has both the .com and also the English extension.

www.MarksAndSpencer.com www.MarksAndSpencer.co.uk

This research of mine does not start only from the Name UmbertoBruno.com, but from the Name RedBull.com and from the Organization of this company that I compared with another Italian drink, the Crodino. Of Redbull, you cannot find any Extension, neither the .one nor the .world which are more recent and superior extensions that give global visibility suitable in any case for big brands or in my case as a fan of territorial promotions.

Another rule which is part of the Domain Names research, lies in the fact that English word names are the most inflated and used and this derives from the fact that English is the most spoken and written language in the world. some examples .

I have my Italian company www.MarketingSalento.com associated with the English one www.UmbertoBruno.ltd Extensions such as:




But the speech should be more interesting if we talk about companies like Sainsbury’s turnover of £ 26 billion of this brand my company has protected the domain name.


The market for extensions is currently moving towards these extensions it is strange how this subject has fascinated me, it is a subject that I have secretly discussed from Oxford with only Women fascinated by it and a 75 year old Italian Professor Carlo Petrachi who I involved in this less known discipline or I would say not known in Italy.

Chaos occurred in Italy in April with the Domain Name OpenToMeraviglia.it with regard to the current Government which allocated 9 Million Euros for the Marketing campaign of the Ministry of Tourism made by the Italian Armando Testa Agency, the largest Italian Marketing who forgot to register the Domain Name registered by the MarketingToys.it Agency and beyond this also the Domain www.OpenToMeraviglia.com which appears to have been registered by Register.it . We observed how in those days there were registrations around the name Open To Meraviglia , and many newspapers and television broadcasters spoke negatively about this phenomenon , but this would have happened in Italy with regard to any Government , Italy , unlike England and ‘ the beautiful country where by now people feed on Likes and Hearts and don’t think about the future of their children, honestly in England I see much less people present on Social Networks. Between April and May I studied the trend of this domain name after the chaos that happened and I leave the word to Venus that will explain everything to you.

The first Pearls of Pearl were the two Domains:



purchased on April 22, 2023 and immediately communicated to the ministry maintaining confidentiality with telephone communications and certified e-mail certified mail.

The campaign criticized by many and the great chaos that occurred with the non-registration of the domain, this would have been the first opportunity for a marketing campaign of this level of international visibility, these two higher-end extensions would have been two excellent solutions. But there were also those who obviously criticized the Length of the Name it certainly is a bit long, so we also recorded:

OpenTo.App OpenTo.One

Much easier to write, shorter these two were recorded on April 25, 2022. Added to this are the criticisms of those who said that the name of the campaign was made half in English and half in Italian. So having also noticed that OpenToMeraviglia.co.uk had been purchased www.robertobertuol.com professional translation site, we went to the bottom of the matter and so we bought.





English / English


English / Spanish

But Umberto Bruno or Carmelo Rizzo doing his research with the Women fascinated by this unknown World of the World Wide Web invented by the English Tim Berners Lee goes even deeper into the situation.




Even around domain names like Univenus.com, strange things were noticed in those days, so the domain names Univenus.it Univenus.one Univenus.es Univenus.world Univenus.shop Univenus.store Venere.tech Venere.work  were also registered, but to finish and conclude this story, it was fantastic to be able to register VeneRe.


To complete this research in Beauty then we noticed two little things, one relating to MarketingToys.it which unleashed the chaos, it can be noted very well how the domain name www.MarketingToys.com owned by HugeDomains.com the same company that he kept my domain UmbertoBruno.com bring the .com extension domain to that price $ 3095.00 so we also bought www.marketingToys.one and www.marketingToys.world the English names as I told you at the beginning cost more, but also Armando Testa itself, a somewhat presumptuous agency that could have admitted the mistake, let’s say how things stand. Why did they have www.ArmandoTesta.com www.ArmandoTesta.it www.ArmandoTesta.es and ArmandoTesta.co.uk for their agency and instead didn’t think about it for the Government Marketing campaign? This whole situation was illustrated and discussed with the personal secretary of the Minister Daniela Santanche’ with the Chief Cabinet of the Ministry and with the Press Office of the Ministry in a confidential manner with several telephone calls where all very kind women were at the ministry. A little less kind was the CEO of Armando Testa S.p.A. to whom we salute having purchased the two Domain Names www.ArmandoTesta.one www.ArmandoTesta.world now, that they go to buy a little humility, but that cannot be bought, if you don’t have it, you have to conquer it. I am very sorry to have to say that one of the most important agencies in Italy does not admit such an error and considers it an oversight. We are talking about a campaign where 9 million euros of Italian taxpayers have been spent.

So thanks to MarketingToys.it for raising the problem of domain names in Italy where we live on Social Networks, Thanks to the Ladies of the Italian Ministry of Tourism, Thanks to the arrogance of the Armando Testa Agency. In any case, the domains (OpenToMeraviglia.one OpenToMeraviglia.world) had been immediately offered to the Italian Government and for a campaign of Nine Million Euros they would have been higher internationally), but the Agency probably did not like this thing.

What to say more no criticism of the choice of Venus or the presentation video or the Logo, as our intention we will publicize the campaign because it was beautiful, the criticisms must be accepted and mistakes are admitted, 9 million euros, no they are an oversight for the Italian people who are already suffering from a national crisis. We therefore wish everyone good luck and reiterate if the government needs them, the two domain names remain available as the Ministry has been very kind.

Umberto Bruno S.p.A.

CEO Carmelo Rizzo