OXFORD 2022 2023

The Landlord of Oxford rented me the house in Oxford for 500 Pounds , 8 people lived in the house , there was Anda ‘s room on the ground floor , then lived an Albanian , Jhonatan , a Portuguese boy , Marcin lived on the first floor a man as if it was my elder brother , then English Jaz , African Love More and I arrived last , the Landlord gave me a room 2.5 meters x 2.00 meters 500 Pounds per month . I have always paid the rent, this can be demonstrated with my messages on the phone and the transfers made to the Landlord. On November 13th an accident happens , Anda ‘s room catches fire with her inside , we noticed Marcin , the Englishman and I , we found Anda dying , she was not breathing and showed no signs of life , Marcin and I pulled her out and turned it off the room with buckets of water, while the English Jhonatan tried to make her breathe, then the ambulance arrived which took her to the hospital and the firefighters who made the findings on what had happened, the landlord came only on day after . What happens is that after about 4 months the Oxford Council sends the communication to the Landlord that he could no longer rent the rooms so he warns us with a message that within two months we had to leave the house with a simple message on Whats App, therefore, I l The Englishman and the Pole who had saved Anda found ourselves in this situation , instead of being rewarded for having saved a life , we had a problem to solve beyond all those I had had and the psychological situation that the event of Go . I had tried to look for a room through the SpareRoom sites but I was also the victim of a phenomenon of Racism towards me. We had to leave the house on June 3, but I couldn’t find a house, I also went to the Oxford council to ask for help, but nothing made me speak for three days with three interpreter translators, a Sardinian Gervasio, Luca and another Fabrizio, who assured me that in 48 hours they would have found me an accommodation, the Landlord, not only had we saved Anda, he was pressing me to leave and I can show the messages, which I will attach here. The day before leaving the house he voluntarily came and threatened me, I said he couldn’t kick me out because even if he had warned me two months before he hadn’t done it as the law provides for in article 21, and then morally I and the other two had saved Anda, I believe that if Anda had died, now the Landlord would be in jail as the house for 6 people is legal instead there were eight of us, furthermore the Landlord had given me the room 2.5 meters x 2.00 meters and this I already believe it’s not a legal thing. Despite having paid until Saturday, I decided to leave the house on Wednesday afternoon, I put all my things in the car and left because if he came again to threaten me I would have ended up using my hands and would have gone to the wrong side. So I spent my life on the street for the second time, the first night I stayed until 3 am in the Kebab King a Kebab shop in the center of Oxford near the Odeon cinema of a Turkish friend. At 3.30 I head towards the West Gate shopping center in Oxford and I see a drunk man behind me who wanted to attack me I start screaming he had a bottle in his hand, the WestGate Security intervenes and calls the Police, the next day I call again the number that the Council Library had given me and I speak with Fabrizio who assured me that they would find me a temporary situation, but nothing, nothing, the second night I always stayed until 3 in the morning at the Kebab King with the hope of not meet that drunk man . My feet were full of cracks almost bleeding it had been two days since I had washed, I went to the Library where they had made me the card and asked for help, I asked either to be arrested, or for them to call an ambulance to take me to the hospital at least I would have slept in the sure I was very tired the previous nights in reality I had not slept, I was very tired and lost, I spoke with the manager and with the security, who helped me call the ambulance, but a thousand questions in the end I had to threaten the operator that I would enter the shop opposite and I would have split everything if this was needed to call an ambulance, in the end we agreed to go to the hospital by bus and so it was. When I arrived at the JR Hospital they examined me and after three days they took me here to the Priory Hospital where you are giving me the medicines. Ok I’m taking them even though I haven’t taken them for two years but now I need help. Since I’ve been clandestine, my family has sent me over 60,000 euros that I can prove, certainly I haven’t gone out to a pub one night, never seen a pizzeria or a museum in Oxford, I’ve only made sacrifices for this research that I’ve been carrying around for a year and a half .

I have always been an honest person here , but being honest maybe it ‘s not worth it , today I would like to get a room in London