My Research

My search for domain names starts with a non – renewal . This invoice you see is from 2011 when I bought the domain. At that time I didn’t understand anything about websites and I entrusted the job to a company in my city. Since mine is a Made in Italy promotional brand, I would have preferred but in those days it was used by a Sicilian ceramist who was really called Umberto Bruno, not a fantasy name linked to a tricolor mustache as in my case. But I didn’t know that the .com extension is the most recognizable in all countries of the world as the mother of all National Extensions. If you have your name with a .com extension, you’re well covered. I bought this domain name back in 2011, at the price of 20 Euros, the domain name must be renewed every year, in 2014 due to the crisis I did not renew it and an American company registered it and asked me for about 7500 dollars , obviously if my name was called Umberto Bruno I could not call him Bruno Umberto as if Dolce Gabbana lost the domain and bought Gabbana Dolce, the whole world knows the Dolce Gabbana brand not Gabbana Dolce. In 2020 on September 7th I arrive in London and by chance on December 29th I manage to find the lost domain for 15 Euros a year so I investigate the matter further and start studying the large companies of the Web such as Facebook , Instagram , TikTok , Booking and I understand that they are nothing more than a simple website, in fact they are called,,,, but it is with that I understand how international companies organize themselves. So once I got the .com of my trademark after years of battles, I understood that I had to protect it internationally, so I also purchased the other extensions to have complete protection of the trademark, hoping to find the right investors here in England.

In fact, today Umberto Bruno is and also let’s say that also the Italian extension has returned to base as the former owner he left her .

Why keep these domains or jewels that for anyone can be nothing but for those who aspire to organize a good business, take an example from the organizations of large companies.