End of Search Priory Hospital

The search for the Queen

It’s all very strange but something extraordinary had to happen and it happened right here at Pryory Hospital. Tim Berners Lee is English and is the inventor of the World Wide Web it is strange that this name belongs to an Italian who is currently hospitalized in this clinic where you eat well where there are all the services and the staff is spectacular but It’s strange how something unique happens on July 21, 2023.

In various communications I had shown something of what I study concerning domain names and often in the E-mails to the Manager Julie and the Doctors I had shown some domain names owned by me referring to two prices of names not mine that I observe in this last one year precisely PopeFrancis.world and QueenElizabeth.world that the American multinational GoDaddy presented at the following price:

Since 2022, PopeFrancis.world has been exposed to this figure £1,079,000 everything stems from a misunderstanding with an English friend, I had bought the Italian name PapaFrancesco.world rightly my friend did not understand, but, after I gave him some hints about the Vatican, the Head of the Church told me: OK OK POPE, POPE FRANCIS and so he discovered after buying the name in Italian that the English one was given this amount. So I aimed to invest in .one and also took PopeFrancis.one PapaFrancesco.one respectively named in English and in Italian.

I also bought www.JorgeMarioBergoglio.com (The most expensive of all) www.JorgeMarioBergoglio.world www.JorgeMarioBergoglio.one

In domain names the rules say that the most consumed are those in English, the most spoken language in the world, therefore they are the most expensive and then the shorter the name, the better! But this is a trademark rule.

As far as Queen Elizabeth Queen EliZabeth is concerned, things went differently on 8 September I bought the domains QueenEliSabeth.one and QueenEliSabeth.world not realizing I had made a mistake only on 12 November 2022 did I notice this error and saw that they gave it at this price always GoDaddy.com on November 9th in fact I had purchased the domain name KingCharles.world and doing a check I saw that the domains on the Queen were wrong. So I still took QueenElizabeth.one so I put my two .one domains both that of the Pope (Papa) and the Queen ( Regina ) in comparison with the .world which held Go Daddy and gave that price.

In this last year I have shown this research to whoever I thought was appropriate and also in this Clinic to the Doctor to the Manager in some Mails I made comparisons. But the exceptional thing happens on July 21, 2023 in these very days. I can communicate that both the domain names QueenEliZabeth.world and PopeFrancis.world are owned by my Italian-English company. It must have been an oversight by GoDaddy.com not to renew them, I don’t think a multinational company gives these prices and then lets these jewels go free, I don’t know but this is the end of my book on my domain name research. Below I list the names with which my web channels open.