Didcot 2020-2021



I try to write in detail everything that happened to me here.

Arrived at 11pm on 7th September 2020 at Didcot . My brother in law picks me up with his girlfriend Stephanie from the station. He takes me to see my room at 65 Broadway Street in Didcot, a town in the province of Oxford. He asks me if I wanted to do the test day of course I say yes, the next day I go to a construction site there was Sokol an Albanian man Mihai a Romanian and Anton Roca another Romanian I don’t remember the name of the fourth, I weighed 93 kg and after 4 hours I had to withdraw, my shoulder broken. My challenge begins here , for about 25 days waiting to get the CSCS card to be able to work , every day I walk 7 8 kilometers to Didcot . In early October I receive the CSCS card after a two-day course in London and I start working for two months on behalf of my brother-in-law ( Emanuele Serino ) at the Miller Homes building site in Chalgrove ( Torre dell’ Orso ) at the entrance of this building site c ‘was a sign with a photo of a man and it said Manager of the Year, this man was Alan Sharp the only manager I will ever have a man who has been like a father to me here. My brother-in-law’s company worked on behalf of Mount Stuart, a contractor in Abbingdon, also near Oxford. I worked for my brother-in-law for about two months, in the meantime Samuele Serino (Son of Salvatore) and Massimo Serino (Son of Pinuccio ) two of his cousins . My Pay £80 clean of taxes a day . Their salary was 160, I was a laborer, they were Bricklayers. Being a bricklayer here is like playing lego, the Laborer does the hard work. I put it into my head that I had to become the best worker elected by that manager I didn’t even know, I had come here to win not to play to get my family back.

In less than two months in December I am elected Labor of The Year Worker of the Year, I had become responsible for the Silos which I called “The Two Sisters” Near the same there were the Manager’s Offices who always complimented me. I was the one who kept the area clean and when the silos got blocked I was the fastest of all to disassemble and clean them. One fine day, after 300 times the Manager said to me Good Man Good Man, I called him and almost forced him to do what I asked him, obviously jokingly I asked him that I should be the Laborer of the Year. I went and said :” Manager form Me this is no site , for me this is Stadium Me Maradona ” ( Maradona had died about a month earlier ) Manager For me this is not a construction site but a stadium and I am MaraDona . I stared at myself and made a serious story of it from a simple video in which the Manager Alan confirmed me that he was the best worker and so I began to protect my image by purchasing 3 domains www.laboureroftheyear.com www.laboureroftheyear.it and www.laboureroftheyear .co.uk . Here in England I understood after the first days in the pipeline that they could work and immediately decided that I had to protect my image. Let’s say that I worked with my brother-in-law Emanuele Serino for about two months, then MountStuart elected him supervisor and we all passed under this company where I get paid as a laborer up to 120 pounds a day clean. But what happens in February 2021 the beginning. My brother-in-law tells me he wants to finish work and want to start a new business, rent houses where to put Marijuana plants, he told me it was something he would do with the other two Serinos. I immediately said no that I had a daughter and I couldn’t risk doing this thing. I told him that he was free to do what he wanted but that I wanted to continue being on the Shipyards.

( Parantesi importante : Alla madre di mia figlia , la legge negli ultimi anni aveva previsto che io dovessi dare 350 Euro al mese , ma ne ho dati sempre 500 Euro , a novembre 2020 mi chiamo’ dicendomi che i suoi genitori avevano comprato un I-Phone a Perla mia figlia pagato 500 Euro e che lei dei soliti 500 che davo mensilmente aveva messo 100 Euro , mi arrabbiai dissi di andare in banca e di prelevare 200 euro e di darli ai suoi genitori che gia’ vivevano di pensione dicendo che poi avrei dato la restante parte , a Natale 2020 , non le diedi 500 euro poi ma le diedi 700 in modo che potesse andare a mangiare una pizza con le amiche o non lo so , ma questo sono stato io e comunque un giorno avrei voluto dare anche gli altri 200 ai miei Ex Suoceri . Preciso che quando mia figlia aveva due anni gli avvocati stabilirono inizialmente una separazione condivisa , 500 Euro al mese e che Bambina doveva stare come me 4 ore pomeridiane un giorno si e uno no e che un weekend alterni dovesse dormire con me . Mia figlia oggi ha 17 anni e non ha mai dormito con me e questo e’ un dolore che non ha prezzo , forse e’ stato questo il motivo che per gli anni successivi mi ha fatto provare sempre amore per sua madre e che io non mi sia fatta nessun altra storia come neppure sua madre , questo mi faceva capire come se un giorno mi sarei ripreso tutta la mia famiglia . In ogni caso sono stato sempre con mia figlia che fino a prima di partire la vedevo tutte le sere a casa di sua Madre ed il rapporto era cosi’ buono che tutti i venerdi’ si cenava a casa di Mia Madre , con mia figlia , sua madre , mia sorella e il compagno di mia sorella . Lo stesso succedeva ogni domenica a pranzo , altro avvenimento importante fu quando mi fidanzai nel 2003 , dopo circa un Mese sua madre mi disse di avere due immobili sotto sequestro al tribunale , il padre aveva avuto problemi con banche e strozzini , mi impegnai e misi in mezzo la mia famiglia per recuperare le case che aveva sotto sequestro , e risolvemmo un problema facendo un mutuo , del quale credo di essere ancora garante io e mia madre da circa 120.000 Euro )

So I continue the story , having made this decision , to continue with my honest work , I called my Father I needed money to buy a used car to continue going to work for MountStuart With Augustin Roca , Anton Roca and Mihai my 3 Romanian comrades, very good men. My father sent me 2000 Euros equivalent to 1600 pounds, I gave them to my brother-in-law so that he could find me a car at a good price, so after two days my brother-in-law returns with Samuele Serino with a nice Ford Mondeo with the sticker of a bee on the back. I asked how much they had paid for the car and they told me £ 900, I replied: Me: Ok then with the remaining £ 700 we’ll do the insurance so I can continue working with Anton Mihai and Agostino. Him: don’t worry, we’ll have the insurance in 15 days, as here the police don’t operate checkpoints like in Italy, here they only stop you if you commit infractions. Actually, it’s true, here the police only stop you if they see you doing strange things maneuvers , but this did not justify him and then Samuele Serino came from an accident in Melendugno , my town in Italy where he had killed a man , but the prostitutes my brother – in – law used every night , the cocaine he used every day , and the heaps of money didn’t make him come to a sane conclusion that I was uninsured risking killing someone and going to jail, and then he had his BMW 5000 Gasoline car insured instead. In short, I walked 8 months without insurance. God wanted me not to have accidents, only in June when I started in Miller Homes directly for the company, I broke a mirror on the construction site for a gentleman which cost me 500 pounds, which luckily I had to give up slowly. I couldn’t say no to him because it was a situation of me alone against the others and I had to succumb, but if I had had an accident and killed a person, I think they would have arrested me and not him. So we’re at 700 pounds that he had. First Miracle for eight months without insurance and thanking heaven and the Butterfly Angel nothing happened to me.

La storia di Aprile 2021

About 10 years ago, I came to England for a 10-month experience, I was here on behalf of Piero, an accountant from my country, with Leandro Longo who robbed me or in any case made me lose 10,000 pounds, around 12,000 euros. One day my brother-in-law calls me and says: “We have to recover the money from Leandro”. I replied that I didn’t want to know anything about that story, but he insisted that the money belonged to his nephew and that the coward had to give it back to me. I said that I would not go to London, given the insistence I authorized them. In short, they go to London, they talk, they come back with nothing in hand, they tell me that I should have gone with them to talk to Leandro. They convince me but the following Saturday chaos happens , I was always preparing a site for my brother in law I have the invoices and everything I was not as expert as today , a week day and night studying for these things that cocaine made him dream of astronomical things , which not even he paid me. The following Saturday we had an appointment at seven to go to London I don’t know why two phones went flat I fell asleep at 5.00 in the afternoon and woke up at 9.00 in the evening, I called my brother-in-law who in any case lived just two kilometers from my house and attacks stoned on cocaine, offending me in a thousand ways and saying to me: “now you’ll see for yourself right and left offenses that I don’t forget”, when I never wanted privileges here and he was the first to brag about everything, in short, the Sunday we ate together and I didn’t go, I wrote him an email that I probably still have, on Monday then I called myself, I went to see him at his house, and I immediately said to him: “Do you want to see how I recover the money without even going to London ? Let me do it . “ I wrote an email to the guy (Leandro Longo) where I did the calculations as if I were a lawyer, after two days I received the money on my Revolut 2000 Pound card!

What did my brother-in-law do…he asked me for £1500. I have the wire transfer that proves this. And it made me walk without insurance. So we are at 1800 plus 1500 total £ 2200 let’s not calculate the cost of a website that was never paid for and when I worked with him I also bought tools for a measly 80 pounds a day even the buckets for the mac, mortar, of course many know the his surname and mine , but gentlemen we are born . While the Serinos were producing Marijuana obviously I didn’t want to know the places or the people behind it, after three months from mid-January to April I worked for Mount Stuart with the three Romanian brothers on construction sites throughout Oxfordshire. When the experience with Mount Stuart ended, I worked for a week in a government building site in Harvell where I met Sebastiano Lucaci, a very good Romanian boy, I was like crazy, that week my daughter’s mother called me, I was behind with the money 300 euros, she called me offending me like a wild beast to tell me this, I will never forget but I told her ” Roberta if I were to die, you will go to my family to offer condolences only a week after my burial ” my mother-in-law sends me ‘ an offensive message and so is my daughter . Not being able to tell that I had 2,200 pounds left over from my brother, I called Serino Emanuele to warn him and instead of taking 500 or 300 pounds and giving it to me to give to my sister, she told me to let it go. so at that point my mind explodes in the Harvell construction site I worked like animals, the supervisors tried to stop me but I was never able to here anyone complained about me except for my desire to work to unload my nerves.

A very important point in April with Giovanni Palma, a boy from Melpignano. in March I had made the Application for the UK Establishment with Giovanni Palma, a boy from Melpignano, to be regular. Brexit had started on January 1, 2021. So I had applied, this situation that I couldn’t tell my daughter’s Mother that her brother had £2200 of mine in his hands and that I was driving around with no car insurance, plus the attacks I received made my head explode. For a week I worked at Brokes University where after a week they told me I wasn’t needed, the fact was that everywhere I went I was too fast, so on June 16th they found me the excuse that the previous boy had returned so that Morning I went directly to the Shipyard of Chalgrove trying to ask Alan Sharp for work . As I arrived at the shipyard, I passed by his office but he wasn’t there, all the guys who were former colleagues from other companies greeted me, I was very well known in that shipyard. I met Alan, greeted him and asked him if I could work for him, the answer was immediately affirmative, he picked up the phone, called a number and I jumped without jumping three meters from Joy. That day I made a video that I still keep together with the first one when near the silos he told me I was the best in the shipyard. Alan has been like a father to me here. (Alan had known my brother-in-law Emanuele Serino for two years before and esteemed him, of course I didn’t tell him the truth about what my brother-in-law did “Marijuana plants”) so from the day after I started working it was June 17, 2021, I state that in the previous building sites I took from 120 to 140 pounds a day, in Miller Homes I took 80 as I worked for Miller Homes but through an agency here in England you always have to go through the Agencies) I was happy to work for Miller because I knew that Alan would have trusted! I didn’t come to England immediately to make money but I needed to get my life back in my hands, I come from a family of very serious builders and I can prove it with videos that are on my sites or that I can show on You Tube.

On 6 June 2021 I received an e-mail which I did not see was the answer to my request to be able to stay in England, the government had answered me negatively, but the letter specified that I could appeal within 15 days, but I did not see it, I was too freaked out that time and what had happened with my daughter’s mother was like getting a meteorite on the head. meanwhile I continued to work for Miller Homes (until February 7 on February 14 I then discovered that I was illegal). I worked at Miller Homes because I felt great even if they paid me very little money about 80 pounds a day compared to before it was a miserable number, but there I was fine, I worked with Alan, Dave Smith my office colleague with whom we collaborated keeping the building site very clean, in the morning when I arrived at the building site I already knew what to do I am a very serious person at work and I have skills with 20 years of history behind me in family building sites, I immediately asked Alan since the pay was low to be able to work on Saturdays to round up but we didn’t work on Saturdays, in July one Saturday Alan made me go to his house to help him with a pavement in Goring if I’m not mistaken I still keep the address among the millions of notes I have we had breakfast with the son and I said I didn’t want to be paid, then the wife cooked us lunch a very good spiced dish I arrived at 8 two breaks and then before leaving I paid myself, I didn’t want that money, the fact of working in Miller Homes was not only a victory for me, it meant staying away from the other Italians who did those things that didn’t interest me.

In short, in the end I accepted the money but I remember very well I got a trolley for work as a gift, I took the money and without counting it I put it in my pocket and thanked him, said goodbye to his very kind family and on my way home, I stopped and counted the money, for five hours I he gave 125 pounds, a great Lord Alan will always remain in my heart, that day I stopped near that town all dirty in a Lamborghini dealership I was so happy I keep videos I felt like a billionaire. On July 16th it happened that Shirley on my name day the sales agency manager gave me a cake, they treated me like a son, I repeat on the construction sites where I go to work I go there with pleasure if the team is the right one wherever I go I have to feel good if I feel good, I don’t even think about the pay, I was the only Italian. In short, while the Serinos were making their plants, I honestly worked on the construction site, then August Massimo and Samuele had to go down to Italy, they had bought a ticket, one day I don’t remember well, August 7, my brother-in-law called me, they had collected 10 kg of Marijuana, me he showed them to a room in his house, they didn’t have a penny and he asked me for money if I could lend him the thousand pounds that my mother had sent me it happened that my tenant of Didcot on Broadway Street threw me while I was in the garden a bucket of water on my head and my computer got wet I don’t remember the precise name of that boy he had problems a certain Guttalak but I keep some letters he always complained about my tone of voice, I gave those 1000 euros more I gave him my cards of credit (and I was walking without insurance I am convinced that the butterfly angel a small girl who died prematurely daughter of a friend of mine Veronica who had sent me the book had worked miracles for me) then I used my pay for two weeks. Of course I said to him, do you see that illegal things don’t always make great deals? In short, the two Serinos went down to Italy and returned in September. Towards mid-September Emanuele Serino (My brother-in-law told me that he wanted to resume the bricklayer activity with his company and at the same time continue the plant business and asked me if I wanted to go back to work with them, I was in the middle of an absurd situation, he offered me 60 pounds more a day, I was sincerely tired of working for Miller Homes the company, even though I was number one, didn’t raise me, I had difficulty between the rent and the money I sent to my daughter and research of domain names that I was doing , but , I did not give up , I went to Miller Homes for the Manager Alan , for Dave Smith and for Shirley Cooper , the team was English , everyone was very respectful of me , a relationship of brotherhood was created with Dave and with the Forklift Man the same Nigerian Obey called me a Terrorist for the way I worked when I was in trouble he too lent me money in the summer of 2021, my mental situation was at the extremes I hadn’t heard from my daughter for 5 months and I had no faults, the Serino’s sister knew nothing and was hating me not knowing that her brother owed me about 5000 pounds, when I gave the 1000 pounds plus my card in August my salary I told Emanuele Serino that period, see what I’m talking about still giving money, then your sister blames me, he replied, now the money is needed here, then you think about the money for my sister. In June 2021 when I worked at Brokes University a Big Indian man gave me loans on Thursdays the manager of Sainsbury’s in Didcot Everest Siddhu, that Bastard had my money at the time 2200 euros and he gave me loans of 20 or 30 pounds which I paid back the following friday or monday was the first indian i met a special person a man i will never forget who i hope to meet again ashley taylor also lived with me a photographer a nice person i lived with on broadway street to whom I was always talking about the Laborer of The Year a screenplay I wanted to write for a film The Absurd Story of MaraDona Emigrations Mara=Bitter referring to Emigration, Dona=Give Me Referring to the fact that Emigration is Bitter but at the same time it gives a lot.

Returning in September Serino Emanuele always came back to me to tell me to go back with them, but I wanted to stay in Miller Homes because; then otherwise they involved me in stories that I didn’t want to make once I was obliged to clean a room of plants already; uprooted where it only remained to remove the earth from the containers and bring it into a house the second home of Didcot! Where I lived when I left from the first one the day Guttalk threw the bucket of water on my head, pardon that boy as he had problems in a letter he wrote to me that his sister had died and apologised; with me . So with Serino there was always the proposal to go with him for 60 pounds a day but I had hopes that in Miller sooner or later they would raise me and I still answered no as in Miller I was fine as a situation. End of October l; last week, I called Serino in Miller to ask if I could work with him on a Friday. He had a problem, Alan who had known Serino as a serious Mason for years before me said yes!

He took me to a new building site near Didcot, where he was constantly stressing me about getting back with him and offering me so much more money, he almost convinced me. I said yes, but on Friday and Saturday, with Samuele Serino, Massimo Serino and Ivan Serino had recently arrived, Samuele’s older brother. I decided not to return with him out of respect for Alan, they had made me dream in that building site. my Facebook profiles you can find a lot of direct from June 2021 until a few months ago as in June 2021 (Profiles Umberto Bruno EightyOne , Carmelo Rizzo Lecce and Umberto Bruno EscoAlBar a revolution had also started against a bank in my country that wanted to take away my home unjustly, and against a Mafioso Judicial Officer who wanted to buy it who were linked to a Party that governed which I later destroyed but we’ll talk about this later.

The nice thing happens on Sunday I had spoken to the other 3 Serinos Samuele Ivan Serino’s brother had also arrived and they agreed with me I couldn’t leave those people like this who had treated me like a son, I’m not the type to spit on the plate where I eat, even if the pay was low, so I told Emanuele that I would not go back with him, but that I would first speak with Alan Sharp to see if the agency would raise me. Then otherwise I would have gone back with them. My brother-in-law got angry, he was upset, I tried to make him understand but nothing, in the end he said okay. But what happened to him to say in my mind? That he needed my car for a few days as his was broken (I knew it wasn’t true), ok I said no problem I’ll go by train. It was the Monday afternoon when Whats App crashed all over the world on 1 November 2021, to go from Didcot to Chalgrove you had to go from Didcot to Oxford first and then take the connection to Chalgrove, I got up an hour earlier and took the first Bus, in Oxford that Morning the connection did not pass, I called Dave Smith my colleague, I said that I had broken down the car and that I had missed the connection (I knew that his car was not broken it was a way to put myself in difficulties and go back to work) Dave told me it wasn’t a problem I waited for the second connection I arrived at the construction site at 9.30, I immediately set to work as always, at 4.30 I went to Alan to talk about my situation saying I didn’t want to go away from Miller but that after 5 months without ever a reprimand, Miller Homes could also increase my pay, I had put my heart and soul into that construction site, I had cleaned everything up and the team knew it, so I left, I repeat it was that day when what’s app crashed all over the world so I returned home that evening at 9.30, I found Massimo Ivan and Samuele the 3 Serinos who told me that Emanuele was looking for me, so I called him. He attacked me stoned on Cocaine, I asked him when he would return the car to me as I couldn’t go home every evening at 9.30, he told me that he had the car being repaired and that he needed it for another three days, the The Serinos had my car and outside our house, as I closed the phone, the three Serinos said sorry for me: “Carmelo, why didn’t you answer him, look, his car isn’t being repaired, he’s telling you lies ” I knew it but I told them to go to sleep not to worry and then I would solve it. My car keys were in the kitchen, once everyone was asleep I didn’t sleep that night, at four in the morning I did the end of the film Trainspotting, I took the keys to my two computers, unloaded their tools from the car, turned on the car and escaped I headed towards the building site of Chalgrove , once in Chalgrove I rested in the car until 6.45 .

At 6.45 I start receiving phone calls from Serino and I didn’t answer, after seven or eight times he called me I answered with a Message writing: “I treated you like a brother, a friend, a brother-in-law, now make me a 2000 Pound transfer that I owe them send to my daughter, your end in my book will be this” He replied stoned on cocaine: “2000 Pound but what two thousand Pound now that I come I’ll kill you something like that, forget to hear from my sister and Perla (my daughter)”. I immediately went to Alan to report that I was moving to a nearby country to avoid problems, I told him that I had been driving the car for 8 months without insurance and that Serino was planting grass that he had confiscated my car and that I I would never ask him for raises. Alan replied : You Stay Here ! You stay here!

I answered Alan , I ‘m staying . but if he goes up to the office I lock myself in the bathroom Alan I’m afraid of killing that bastard! And so it was’ .

11 Parte

Very importantly, Serino had come to Chalgrove with his Viola BMW, he spoke first in the office with Alan who knew me well as an honest boy, Emanuele said they had to hospitalize me because I was not well, then he made him go up and I locked myself in the bathroom, he came knocking on the door and told me get out if you’re a man, I replied that if I went out I would kill him, while he was in the office he called my mother saying I wasn’t well. I call my sister to say this too and my father too. But Alan is the great man, he kicked him out of the construction site, Alan will remain my only manager, Alan was like a father. That day Mrs. Serino Roberta met my mother in the afternoon but I don’t call ‘me, the father of her daughter, my name is not’. I had paid the rent the previous Friday 400 pounds and obviously I didn’t go home, I spent that week in the car, partially washing myself in the toilets of the shipyard, obviously I worked one hour a day, in the other hours I committed myself to looking for a home, but already on Wednesday the day after the matter my name is Samuele to tell me that I had to go and get my stuff from home, in short, with Giulia Paganoni a friend of mine from Didcot Milanese I called her to send a truck I paid 180 pound the truck I the invoice, but the truck took half the stuff I had ordered online, and when it arrived in Chalgrove, the truck driver told me Emanuele that now that he takes you, he’ll cut your head off, I started laughing as my fear was only of kill him. And I would. Pushed by Emanuele, Samuele sent me a message telling me that the truck hadn’t taken all the stuff, in a threatening tone, I told him to send me the list of the remaining things, I looked for Ian, a friend of Didcot’s who was in charge of painting, I asked him if paying for it, he went to get me the rest of my stuff, he said yes, and so he went the next day when he returned the next morning, besides my stuff, there was also a huge bag, of those fabrics that are used for materials inert like sand, full of black garbage bags, a Mafioso gesture, as if to scare me. My Mother or Father, I don’t remember exactly, they sent me about 1500 euros to get a new house, on Friday I found it in Chalgrove with the Indians above a Londis shop where these guys worked but I entered the following Monday. On Friday, since I hadn’t done anything on site except solve the problems that had created me, once the house had been defined, I asked Dave at 4 in the afternoon what Alan was paying me for that week and that on Saturday I would like to go to sweeping the street of the last houses we had cleaned, Dave replied Alan will be happy, when I asked how many hours he was paying me that week Dave replied: ”Alan is paying you all”! I almost cried that day, for the second time Alan was treating me like a Billionaire. Alan is a very difficult Difficult Manager, but with me it wasn’t as he saw the difference in me, the commitment, the love that I put into things. Alan I only made him angry because I worked too much. Dave was a brother to him and thanks to my methods with What’s App we managed to organize ourselves so that I did double the work. In that construction site, as in all construction sites, everyone respected me as if I were one of the only Italian members of the family.