Chalgrove 2021 2022

After the bad experience with my brother-in-law, I find myself living in Chalgrove on November 8th I entered the house of the Indians, it is not easy for Indians to trust an Italian, but in my case I wore a helmet and a Miller jacket Homes I was part of that English team those men trusted . They gave me a beautiful room and I started living with Dave and Rohit, two of my brothers now, after the wonderful 10-month experience in their home. I didn’t immediately tell them about what I had behind me as a story, before entering Alan wanted to give me his references but there was no need I was very good, calm and cold-blooded in negotiating, Dave’s cousin was the Landlord. Very good people, I have nothing to complain about them, it was perhaps the experience from which I learned the most, I also met Amarit for a short time with his family, his wife, his mother, his one year old daughter and I saw born the second daughter . I was locked up in that house for months , I had a parking lot at the back of the house , but Dave my colleague from Miller had impounded my car he did not want me to walk without insurance he rightly told me that if I used the car again he would not would have liked more as a friend and would have called the police he was very good my colleague Dave Smith was second to Alan on that site. The Indians trusted me, they saw me go out every morning at 6:00 and come back in the evening at 5:30 or 6:00 it was November and December 2022 and besides what had happened to me with the Italian Bastards, I had in during a Revolution that I will explain in another section, I behaved well with them they were very kind to me and respectful, I fascinated them with my creativity and my search for domains, then I was Italian and all Indians, sometimes we used to argue I often screamed, but when we argued, the next day they always gave me gifts, I argued with my relatives I suffered from not hearing from my daughter I hadn’t heard from her since June 2021 despite every day at my mother’s house and with my sister, not I know what the grandparents and uncles on the Mother’s side had put into my daughter’s head, I was destroyed, but I kept gritting my teeth. A strange thing happened to me here, as soon as I arrived in 2020 I had lost 30 kg and eight teeth in eight months and they often kept breaking, my Italian doctor told me it was a lack of calcium. In short, even in Miller Homes things were changing, Shirley was leaving, Shirley was a kind lady in charge of the Sales Office, the construction site consisted of 120 houses and when I happened to clean the gardens, I always gave her wild flowers which I composed artistically I put them aside and she proudly put them in the office, I really like this nation, kindness here is the basis of everything. In Chalgrove I had a great time everyone called me Mario, Chalgrove for me was my Torre dell’Orso in Salento I always thought that on this trip where for eight months I drove by car without insurance that there had been miracles and for this I don’t know whether to cry or smile but I was still very nervous about what my brother-in-law had done to me, I have always worked more than the others here and everyone has always recognized it in other construction sites, not just Miller Homes, unfortunately they always called Italian Mafioso even if I’m not I’m against both the mafia and politics and I have no religion, my religion is called Respect. So Shirley left, after a short time I learned that Alan was about to leave too, also my African Nigerian Forklift colleague Obey, everyone I don’t know why but they were leaving Miller, so on February 1st I too decided to leave Miller Homes and got a job in a Plastic Factory in Chalgrove called OxfordShire Packaging, sadly I only had one week’s experience as the unexpected problem occurred. The agency was unable to pay me as we discovered that since June 2021 I have been irregular. The discovery took place on February 14th, Valentine’s Day, I went crazy that day, my close friend and brother Drew came home and told me that he would call the police if I didn’t calm down, so my Landlord gave me the ‘ notice to leave the house, but my Indian brothers and his cousin Dave my tenant did everything for me to stay at home, one day Giovanni di Melpignano also came my only Italian friend to speak for me to explain the situation I was living in any case promised my landlord as soon as I resolved with the documents that I would leave the house.

Those were the worst months of my life, the months of the Revolution against those people I was against in my country were the months in which I founded the Women’s Power Movement, certainly Women have a superior listening capacity and then there was Marica the great Marica who is also calling this clinic to ask for information about me. With Marica we prepared the documentation for the UK Establishment, I was afraid they hadn’t accepted me and I don’t want to leave this country as I know that my initiatives can work and in any case for me going to work on construction sites is a pleasure I have limits, I have no rivals and in any case I respect everyone if they respect me, I have never met anyone who has disrespected me, it is one thing that I really like the job of course but today I would also like to find a situation where they pay me honestly and where I have the possibility of growth, the Agencies often steal a lot of money, they tell you one thing and then it’s another. I will not dwell on the history of the Experience with the Indians but on August 13th the positive response from the government arrived, it said that I could stay in England until August 13th 2027. So I kept my promise to my Landlord and I left in September, it was September 24th if I’m not mistaken. Dave my tenant found me a house in Oxford. I have wonderful memories of Chalgrove everyone called me Mario and anyone who could helped me. They were all very kind to me. But let’s move on to the history of Oxford.